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What is a Tongue Twister anyway?

With the push of a button, (hydraulically or electrically) the Tongue TwisterTM rotates away from your vehicle accessing the front and rear rampways in less than a minute without ever unhooking from the tow vehicle.

Tongue Twister,  a new innovation,
sets a new standard for the industry.

Tongue Twister  allows you to load
and unload from the front as easily as
from the rear.

Tongue Twister,  at the push of a
button, rotates the front of the trailer
away from the tow vehicle, accessing
the front while still being attached to
the vehicle. Imagine, in less than a
minute, having access to either end
of any style trailer.

Think of the endless possibilities
Tongue Twister creates!

                                       Tongue Twister 2011, Patent Pending